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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is a popular method that has been used since the Roman times to heat a home. It offers a natural way of heating your home by using water instead of warm air.
Hydronic heating is preferred by many because it doesn't get in the way of creating a comfortable environment as it convects heat silently.

Through the years, hydronic radiators evolved to be one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.

Heater Warehouse offers a wide range of hydronic heating options including hydronic radiators, heated towel rails and other accessories to help clients in creating a heating system that adheres with their needs.

See our large variety of classic and design radiators below.

Hydronic Heating Benefits

Hydronic Heating Pleasant
Hydronic heating provides warmth the way nature does by natural convection and radiation and does not dry out the air by burning or cause unpleasant draughts, hot spots and noise.
Hydronic Heating
It is non-allergenic. With radiators and natural convectors there is no forced air circulation through ducts that can accumulate dust and allergens and distribute them throughout the house.
Hydronic heating is safe for elderly people, children and pets. There is no danger of a burn or scald as the system is fully enclosed with radiator temperatures well below boiling point. The surface temperature of natural convectors is pleasantly warm to the touch.
Hurlcon Hydronic heating is modular and expandable. You can add radiators as your needs change. Simply plumb the new area, install the radiators and the job is done.
One of the nicest features of Hydronic Heating is its silence. Anyone used to the noise of wall heaters, space heaters and some fan forced ducted units will be amazed and delighted by the silence of Hydronic Heating. The boiler is away from the room, so there is no blast of hot air or fan noise. From the time you turn your hydronic heater on, there is no sound, just pleasant warmth.
Hydronic Heating is very reliable, simply install and forget it. The only moving parts are in the pump which is used to circulate the hot water to the radiators and convectors. We use special pumps designed to give long, trouble-free life. Boilers are also designed to withstand the ravages of time. Spare parts although seldom needed are kept in stock for all hydronic heating systems and are available.
We stock a range of hydronic heating units to provide the ultimate in style and comfort. There is an extensive range of radiator sizes to meet all heating requirements with attractive panels, top grills, and side covers. Thermaboard skirting board convectors can take the place of a skirting board and are available in rolled edge and traditional styles.
Hydronic heating is environmentally clean with a natural gas or LPG fired boiler simply heating water, which is then circulated. It is a closed system, with radiators and natural convectors providing clean natural heat by radiation and natural convection. This technique eliminates dust and allergens being blown throughout your home.
Cinier Edo
$4,461.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Sculptural
$4,554.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Oriental
$4,494.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Origine
$4,494.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Royal
$6,162.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Royal Miroir
$7,386.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Cosmos
$4,920.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Jeux D'Ombres
$3,669.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Unis
$3,540.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Danseuse
$6,090.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Charles
$3,357.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Magellan M
$2,695.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Magellan S
$2,695.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Normandie M
$3,123.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Normandie S
$2,409.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Louis
$3,426.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Regence S
$4,122.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Victor M2R
$3,638.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Victor M
$2,804.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Victor S1
$3,249.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Victor S
$2,804.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Victor S OR
$4,344.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Victor S1 OR
$4,344.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Sculptural Bain
$4,116.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Baron
$3,174.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Voile
$4,884.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Yacht
$4,884.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Ecume Bain
$3,936.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Raku
$5,184.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Bambou Clair
$4,596.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Bambou Rouge
$4,596.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Minimal
$3,714.00 (Including tax)