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Technology and Quality

Driven by their passion for excellence in technology and in design, Ateliers Cinier have dedicated two full years in R&D to conceive and create a trend-setting and innovative product meeting today’s environmental requirements in terms of energy efficiency and using renewable energy for the highest quality in indoor heating and cooling.

The direct result is the launch of the first ever reversible fan coil product combining top energy-efficiency and unique design to optimize low-temperature systems using renewable energy: Greenor®

Greenor® is a concentrate of technology in a fan coil and features: a high-performance heat exchanger made from copper and aluminium a low-voltage transformer delivering an average energy consumptionof 10 watts to power the fans 3 operating speeds an auto-regulator to maximize the ratio of energy output to thesurface area a remote control a 3-way bypass valve a radiant, decorative and interchangeable front panel in Olycale® stone a high-quality steel frame in a white, gray or black color finish


Greenor® is also engineered to operate with conventional boilers (water at 70°C/158°F, 75°C/167°F or 80°C/176°F ). In such applications, it operates strictly as a very powerful radiator delivering an energy output up to 3740 W./12760 Btu/h – measured according to the EN442-2 norm.

Environmentally friendly

The Greenor® fan coil circulates chilled or low-temperature water (55°C/122°F) through a coil for indoor cooling or heating using renewable energy generators (biomass energy, heat pumps, chillers or condensing boilers) for low-temperature systems. Unlike the traditional air conditioning systems, Greenor® is refrigerant-free for a better respect of the environment.

What makes the difference?

11,5cm / 4-1/2’’ thick : the slimmest fan coil on the market. Optimal energy-efficient solution for low temperature systems using renewable energy (heat pumps, condensing boilers, chillers) Horizontal draft-free and diffused even flow of warm or cool air distributed over a 492 cm perimeter/16.1 feet. No sensation of draft. A radiant front panel in Olycale® stone for greater comfort and higher energy-efficiency 3 operating speeds International patent # PCT/FR2010/00321 Ideal for large areas Reversible fan coil for total comfort all year around Energy consumption divided by 3 compared to a conventional fan coil; average total energy consumption: 10W Inverter automatically adjusts the energy output to the surface area, also includes a remote control and a 3-way bypass valve. Quiet, (see chart of pressure levels below) Easy to maintain: filters can be cleaned in less than 10 seconds Hand-finished one-off pieces Front panels can be custom-made upon client’s own design. Decorative stone panels in Olycale® stone can be easily changed without taking any mechanical element apart.Made in France at the Ateliers Cinier

The Greenor® delivers multiple energetic benefits. Energy consumption divided by 3 compared to a standard fan coil. The low-voltage transformer with only 10 Watt of energy consumptionis sufficient to power the fans Integrated 3-way bypass valve for a constant water flow In Winter, ventilation begins when water temperature reaches 30°C/86°F to avoid any diffusion of cool air. The low flow of warm or cool air can be adjusted as it is evenly distributed all around the perimeter of the front panel in Olycale® stone. It substantially reduces the vertical temperature difference between floor and ceiling unlike what is observed with standard convection systems. It allows more comfort and generates significant energy savings. A Radiant front panel in Olycale® stone for greater comfort

Main Characteristics

Fan coil with very high energy efficiency, mounted on a thermo-lacquered steel frame with a decorative front panel in Olycale® stone:

Smooth finish (Unis collection)Sculpted finish (Contemporary collection)Designer finish («one-off» collection) Extra quiet Ideal for low-temperature systems or if high output is required

Detailed characteristics

Dimensions : 1900 x 540 mm - 74-3/4” x 21-1/4” Weight : 51 to 58 kg – 122 lbs Fan motor’s average energy consumption: 10 W 3 speeds for manual or automatic ventilation Power supply:120 VoltsHeat energy output with inlet water at 75°C/ 167°F: 3740 W-12761 Btu/hHeating output with inlet water at 50°C/122°F (low temp.): 2040 W-6961Btu/h Cooling capacity with inlet water at 7°C/44°F : 1600 W-5460 Btu/h Eco-friendly water circulation (refrigerant-free) Very quiet, the airflow is distributed over a perimeter of 16.1 feet around the high-quality steel frame. No sensation of draft. A warm radiant front panel in Olycale® stone allows greater comfort and higher energy- efficiency. Easy to maintain: filters can be cleaned in less than 10 seconds High quality materials: 8 low voltage EBM-Papst fans a 3-way bypass valve Copper tube of the heat exchanger lined with aluminium band. Electronic control. High-performance filters French craftsmanship developed in Ateliers Cinier.

Included Accessories

2 flexible hoses to connect to the system 1 IR remote control (in black or white) 1 cleaning accessory to attach to the vacuum cleaner

Installation requirements

The unit must be handled by two persons WARNING: Electric shock hazard can cause injury or death. Before attempting to install the unit, turn OFF the electrical power. Supplies needed for an easy and successful installation: Raw-plugs, screws, collars and all necessary fasteners adequate to bear the 61kg/134.50lb weight of the radiator. Clamping, fastening and connecting tools (including elbows, flat joints, wires…) and miscellaneous hardware. Greenor® must have at least a 15 cm/6” clearance on each side of the radiator (floor, ceiling, wall) and at least 50cm/ 20” in front of the panel. When positioning the appliance, make sure the air intakes are free from obstructions and far enough from potential hazards such as curtains. Greenor® must not be installed below a power outlet. Water inlet (drawing 1&2). The incoming heating water is set at a maximum temperature of 80°C/176°F. The incoming cooling water is set at a minimum temperature of7°C/44.6°F. The maximum service pressure is: 101 PSI -700kPa or 7bar. Do not forget : The unit must be installed in a position where there is sufficient strength in the structure to support the weight of the unit. Two male½” 90° bend fittings with flat joint to hook up the flexible hoses (2 extensible flexible hoses are furnished with the radiator.). A drain for the condensation (for reversible systems’ installation). A grounded monophase power supply 120V/60Hz. Connect the unit to the N & L terminals with a flexible wire cable of.15” to .31” inches diameter. One 5 cm/16’’ diameter grounded electrical wire is used to connect the Greenor® to the line, neutral and ground of the 120 V power supply.

The unit can be installed using any other method considered appropriate by the installer, providing it is in accordance with current legislation and local building codes.

Johanne Cinier

Greenor Brochure (greenor-brochure-en.pdf, 5,980 Kb) [Download]