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Heater Warehouse offers designer radiators to help you create a livable and beautiful environment.

Our designer radiators come in a wide range of designs that suit varying specifications. Designer radiators add aesthetics to the functionality of your home's heating system while blending well with your furniture. We offer a wide range of designer radiators in a variety of styles, designs and colors.

Cinier Edo
$4,461.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Sculptural
$4,554.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Oriental
$4,494.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Origine
$4,494.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Royal
$6,162.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Royal Miroir
$7,386.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Cosmos
$4,920.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Jeux D'Ombres
$3,669.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Unis
$3,540.00 (Including tax)
Cinier Danseuse
$6,090.00 (Including tax)