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Brem SPH Oro-Argento

Brem SPH Oro-Argento

Piastre, Brem

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SPH-PLATT is the radiating plate with perfectly flat and smooth surfaces: true simplicity of form is the greatest thing. Laid vertically in the most traditional colors or with finishes like gold, silver leaf or high-tech stainless steel, SPH-PLATT jolts pure reason into the irrationality of the unexpected.

SP-PLATT is a perfectly flat, smooth radiating plate. It comes in the simple horizontal version (SPv) or with radiating plates fitted at the back in varying heights (SPLv). S-Platt plates are painted white sablé SB9010 as standard; upon request, gloss, satin-look or metallic shades and the new sablé finishes in the Brem color list. Ideal for artistic rendering, as requested

The SP-PLATT radiating plate is available with a satin stainless steel finish: an extremely particular finish that combines technical flair, modern spirit, and essence.

Polished stainless steel radiating plates available on request.

The SP-PLATT radiating plate is available with other finishes in gilded leaf and silver leaf with precious originality that creates unusual atmosphere. In the order code, state the letter: O for gilded / A for silver leaf finish.

The S--PLATT panel: a minimalist, smooth and flat surface that can even be used horizontally. Available in the simple horizontal version (SP..V) or the version with radiating fins in various sizes at the rear (SPL..V).

Luigi Brembilla

Technical Data (BREMcat068-SPH-PLATT-GILDED-eng.pdf, 122 Kb) [Download]

Technical Data (BREMcat069-SPV-PLATT-GILDED-eng.pdf, 143 Kb) [Download]